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Tommy Wong Memorial Tournamant a success! Posted by Debbie Javete on January 14, 2016

Tommy Wong Memorial
We want to thank all the players and the volunteers who helped to make the first annual Tommy Wong Tournament a huge success!

Despite the weather that threatened, the tournament hosted 266 players from accross the United States and Canada. The players ranged in age from 19 - 76, playing in Women's, Men's, and Mixed Doubles events from January 8 - January 10, 2016.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Women's Doubles Event Winners

Women's Doubles 3.0
Women's Doubles 3.0 Winners
Peggy Bradley, Chareleen Hutton, Tammy Sherrill, Brenda Aly, Ann MacEachron, Janice Golden

Bronze: Peggy Bradley & Charleen Hutton
Silver: Ann MacEachron & Janice Golden
Gold: Tammy Sherrill & Brenda Aly

Women's Doubles 3.5
Women's Doubles 3.5 Winners
Carol Barron, Londa Robinson, Debbie Javete, Barb Zeman, Brenda Mathis, Kirsti Longbrake

Bronze: Carol Barron & Londa Robinson
Silver: Kirsti Longbrake & Brenda Mathis
Gold: Debbie Javete & Barb Zeman

Women's Doubles 4.0
Women's Doubles 4.0 Winners
Jackie DeMott, Paula Burns, Lai Rippee, Nina Pililaau, Debbie Belanger, Jo Comstock

Bronze: Jackie DeMott & Paula Burns
Silver: Debbie Belanger & Jo Comstock
Gold: Lai Rippee & Nina Pililaau

Women's Doubles 4.5
Women's Doubles 4.5 Winners
Dianne Zimmerman, Sheila Parkinson, Lisa Hickox, Sara Ash, Melissa McCurley, Jan Yu

Bronze: Dianne Zimmerman & Sheila Parkinson
Silver: Melissa McCurley & Jan Yu
Gold: Lisa Hickox & Sara Ash

Men's Doubles Event Winners

Men's Doubles 3.0
Men's Doubles 3.0 Winners
John Relic, Jim Leonard, Keith Washington, Bob King, Larry Klein, Tunde Adebule

Bronze: John Relic & Jim Leonard
Silver: Larry Klein & Tunde Adebule
Gold: Keith Washington & Bob King

Men's Doubles 3.5
Men's Doubles 3.5 Winners
Bob Borengasser, Paul Darnell, Rich Kinkade, Jim Thomas, James Kasten, Mike Anderson

Bronze: Bob Borengasser & Paul Darnell
Silver: James Kasten & Mike Anderson
Gold: Rich Kinkade & Jim Thomas

Men's Doubles 4.0
Men's Doubles 4.0 Winners
Ray Tennison, Marc D'Olivo, David Overmoyer, Joel Meier, Paul Targosz, Andy Hanlon

Bronze: Ray Tennison & Marc D'Olivo
Silver: Paul Targosz & Andy Hanlon
Gold: David Overmoyer & Joel Meier

Men's Doubles 4.5
Men's Doubles 4.5 Winners
Jim Kloss, Tim Hensley, Daniel Wing, Eitan Weisner, Alex Potapoff, Scott Johnson

Bronze:Jim Kloss & Tim Hensley
Silver: Alex Potapoff & Scott Johnson
Gold: Daniel Wing & Eitan Weisner

Men's Doubles 5.0
Men's Doubles 5.0 Winners
Justin Rodgers, Scott Stone, Tyler Dawson, Callan Dawson, Jotham Darrin, Aspen Kern

Bronze: Justin Rodgers & Scott Stone
Silver: Jotham Darrin & Aspen Kern
Gold: Tyler Dawson & Callan Dawson

Mixed Doubles Event Winners

Mixed Doubles 3.0
Mixed Doubles 3.0 Winners
Debbie Shipman, Brian Shipman, Peggy Bradley, Nick Klein, Bonnie Relic, John Relic

Bronze: Debbie Shipman & Brian Shipman
Silver: Bonnie Relic & John Relic
Gold: Peggy Bradley & Nick Klein

Mixed Doubles 3.5
Mixed Doubles 3.5 Winners
Jennifer Hill, Rodney Hill, Laurie Lartz, Brett Borchers, Rosalind Condrashoff, Terry Adams

Bronze: Jennifer Hill & Rodney Hill
Silver: Rosalind Condrashoff & Terry Adams
Gold: Laurie Lartz & Brett Borchers

Mixed Doubles 4.0
Mixed Doubles 4.0 Winners
Paula Steger, Patrick Claytor, Carrie Dye, Carl Tietze, Ruth Rosenquist, Jim Kloss

Bronze: Paula Steger & Patrick Claytor
Silver: Ruth Rosenquist & Jim Kloss
Gold: Carrie Dye & Carl Tietze

Mixed Doubles 4.5
Mixed Doubles 4.5 Winners
Lisa Hickox, Trey Honeycutt, Melissa McCurley, Alex Potapoff, Paula Fochesato, Larry Lam

Bronze:Lisa Hickox & Trey Honeycutt
Silver: Paula Fochesato & Larry Lam
Gold: Melissa McCurley & Alex Potapoff

Mixed Doubles 5.0
Mixed Doubles 5.0 Winners
Mona Burnett, Scott Stone, Christine Barksdale, Steve Wong, Gigi LeMaster, Aspen Kern

Bronze: Mona Burnett & Scott Stone
Silver: Gigi LeMaster & Aspen Kern
Gold: Christine Barksdale & Steve Wong